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    5 NA tricks not found in The Basics


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    5 NA tricks not found in The Basics

    Post  flotzy on Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:12 am

    NA secrets no one ever told you!

    1) Evading counters with stuns

    Take a situation of Sakura 4 Tailed Kyuubi and Chiyo(S) facing off Gai Cursed Seal Sasuke and Kakashi(S).

    The opponent goes first and passes his turn. I dont know if he used Counter Punch or not, so I play it safe and just prep 4tails. but I make Sakura go invulnerable.

    Jutsu Imitation then ends. Opponent uses Katon : Goukakyuu no Jutsu on Chiyo. Now, I know I cannot stall for much time on Gai's counter, since 4tails will eventually kill himself. As preplanned, since Sakura was invulnerable the previous turn, Gai cannot target her. So I can safely attack with her. I use KO Punch on Gai, AND use Shockwave THingy AND White secret Taijutsu rampage which hit Gai, dealing 55 damage.

    Counter Punch ends. No one was countered even though my whole team attacked.

    -This is because Counter punch is an Action skill. It got interrupted when Sakura stunned Gai, thereby negating his counter's effects, allowing my team to attack.

    What if Gai didnt counter?
    It still adds to your advantage! Since he is stunned, that means he cannot counter even the following turn! Which gives you breathing room for 2 turns, allowing you to use most stuns again!

    Some counters, like Finger Genjutsu, and few others are Instant. THis will not work on those.

    Suppose later in the game, 4tails goes invulnerable, and 45 HP Gai passes his turn. He either countered CHiyo or Sakura, so I cannot risk stunning with either of them. I can use Compressed Chakra Blast on Gai, killing him, and then ending the action counter, allowing Sakura and Chiyo to attack that turn!

    2) Changing order of skills


    Juugo Kabuto Sai facing Chouji Naruto and Rin

    I go first and skip turn. Opponent uses Akimichi Pill, and shadow clones and ends his turn.

    I use Killer Impulse, which unfortunately hits Chouji. Using Meat Tank will cancel the remaining 2 hits of 25 damage. Sai stuns Naruto with Great Beast Painting Sanke.

    Chouji uses Replacement Technique. I use Great beast painting Snake again, but this time on Chouji. but when I press the the button to end my turn, and the screen showing the random chakra selection appears, with the skills to be used below it(In this case, you see Killer Impulse and Great Beast Painting Snake), i click drag Painting Snake BEFORE Killer impulse and then end turn

    Chouji takes another 25 damage, reducing his HP to 30. Rin heals Chouji for 25 HP and Naruto uses Rasengan on Sai(S).

    -This is because when the order of the skills was changed, Chouji was affected by Sai's stun BEFORE he was affected by Killer Impulse. As the effect of the stun, he could not reduce damage or become invulnerable, thereby making him take damage from the move.

    The following turn, I use Charging Mystical Palm on Chouji. Similarly, I click drag this move before Killer Impulse. This effectively boosts the Physical Melee move, dealing 20 + 25 + 10 = 55 killing Chouji off!

    There are gazzilion combos to use this technique with! Kabuto boosting Torune's afflictions (Each stack gets a +10!) Iruka boosing Neji the second turn of his Gentle fist, Shigure prepping himself AFTER he uses Sprinkling Needles the possibilities are endless!

    3) Chakra usage tips!


    Kankuro Facing Neji(S) 1 on 1. Kank is 55 HP and Neji(S) is 45 HP. I have 3 randoms, including 1 taijutsu, one ninjutsu and 1 Genjutsu on my turn. Neji(S)'s counter just ended. I use Black secret 1 shot on him to deal 30 damage. However, when I chose my random chakra, I specifically choose Taijutsu and Genjutsu even though I do not depend on any type of chakra. Opponent uses Hakke Hasengeki, dealing 30 damage.

    The following turn I recieve another Ninjutsu chakra and finish Neji(S).

    -The reason for the specific exchange: Neji(S) drains Tai and Gen. Suppose I used up a Gen and Nin for randoms, leaving me 1 Tai instead of 1 Nin. Then, Neji(S) Hakke Hasengeki would have removed the Taijutsu I had when he used it. Moreover, it would also drain a genjutsu if I had recieved it the following turn, leaving me with no chakra at all. Moreover, his counter's cooldown would have ended by the time I gathered enough chakra again, allowing him to stall for time to finish me off.

    4) Layering Moves.


    Kin and Kyuubi Naruto, against Gaara and Zaku. Everyone 100 HP. Zaku has Unnerving Bells on him, which acts as a scout for when he uses a move.

    Gaara uses Desert Coffin on Kyuubi Naruto. Luckily, since Gaara stuns Physical Ranged skills, Kyuubi can use Kyuubi Rasengan on Gaara to end his stun. However, Because of Kin's move, I know Zaku used a move. Since the icon of Air Cutter is absent, and I didnt take damage, it is obvious he used Wall of Air on his only ally alive, Gaara, to stop his from getting stunned. Since my proirity is keeping Kyuubi alive, I decide to expend another chakra for that. I use Illusion Duplication Attack on Gaara followed by Kyuubi Rasengan on Gaara.

    Kin gets countered by Wall Of Air, but Kyuubi Rasengan hits Gaara, thereby ending his stun and helping Kyuubi live to see the light of the day!

    5) Ignore Friendly FTW!!

    Try having a team or two up your aresenal that has a character whose skills make your opponent's characters ignore friendly skills (Shino(S) Ibiki etc.)

    Examples of what they do :

    1) Lee doesnt stack on his damage increase when he is affected by a move like this.
    2) Naruto Cannot prep during Torture Chamber.
    3) Yamato cannot protect Asuma(S) with his counter when Asuma(S) is affected by Insect thingy of Shino(S)
    4) Minato does not gain 75% unpiercible DR during a move like this. He cannot use the move during Torture Chamber.

    Which basically buys a LOT of time for you to do amazing stuff, like prepare Hachibi Bee, safely use AoE against a protective counter team, efficiently use DoT moves etc.

    GL with NA!

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    Re: 5 NA tricks not found in The Basics

    Post  Cursed on Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:43 am

    great great , use them all the time when i actually care and focus on my n-a games Twisted Evil

    Posts : 75
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    Re: 5 NA tricks not found in The Basics

    Post  flotzy on Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:47 am

    Curs3d wrote:great great , use them all the time when i actually care and focus on my n-a games Twisted Evil
    which happens to be once in 4 months to be precise Smile

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    Re: 5 NA tricks not found in The Basics

    Post  TurkeysRule on Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:01 pm

    Nice guide, very helpful

    I am a turkey [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Problem?

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    Re: 5 NA tricks not found in The Basics

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