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    Ned's Declassified N-A Survival Guide



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    Ned's Declassified N-A Survival Guide

    Post  Nenadd on Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:27 pm

    Sup People,just thought I would share some of my favorite n-a teams to help the clan as we streak back up to the top!
    Bad Streak Team = 0-10
    Moderate Streak Team = 10-20
    Good Streak Team = 20-30
    Excellent Streak Team = 30+
    1) Do not share these teams with anyone outside of JW
    2) Do not take credit for my teams
    3) Do not just change one char and call it your own.
    4) Do not flame or spam if you already know the team.
    5) Streak jw to the top with these teams
    6) Every team, I came up with is my idea, unless posted otherwise.

    Aight let's get started
    ~4 Tails (s) Kakuzu Kiba
    You probally can tell the strat. Aoe rape with double headed wolf and 4 tails. Use Dynamic Makrings for any DR on the enemy teams. Kakuzu is very useful beleive it or not. Nice Stun and piercing move that dosen't clash and a heart steal move that comes in handy in certain situations.
    Recommended level : Any level + Good streak team
    ~Haku Hinata (s) Tayuya
    Yep a nice little cheapie, but very under the radar and effective. Basically aoe rape the other team and drain as well, which makes for an effective combo. Plus each character has it's own form of defense which is great in many sitatuons.
    Recommended level : Up to 31 + Moderate Streak team
    ~Kidomaru Yoroi Sai (s)
    One of my favorite teams to use. The combo if you can't already tell is Sai (s) 30 Yoroi 20 kidomaru 50. Very good combo. Yoroi creating chakra and healing himself really helps the team. Don't be afraid to use kido's aoe if the chakra is screwing you it still works out pretty nicely. Just be sure to protect kidomaru as much as you can because he is the only one without an effective defense.
    Recommended level : Any level + Excellent streak team
    ~Kisame Body Double (s) Sai (s) Chouza (s)
    I'm still testing the team, but it seems very effective. Many nice combos at ur disposal, for example sai (s) stun with kisame's man eating sharks is a nice one. It's reccommended you use CHouza's chain move since it does damage as well. Chouza's counter is a nice addition to the team as well.
    Recommended level : 31 - 36 + Good streak team
    ~Chiyo (s) Kyuubi Naruto Sakura (s)
    Very old team indeed, but still if not more effective then ever. Just combine attacks with chiyo to form stunning combos, to prevent invulerablity or attacks, and heal. Team is very diffcult to beat, due to the fact each character is very good 1 on 1. Also there is a secret combo in the team involving chiyo's ally puppetry I'll see if you can figure it out
    Recommended level : Any level + Excellent streak team
    ~ 4/13/11

    ~Sakura (s) Minato Kidomaru
    Very decent laddering team indeed. Many combos within this team. Sakura (s) 25 Minato 25 Kido 50? Minato 50 and Kido 50? Great team. Each character also has there own form of defense, plus you have a nice heal in the team as well.
    Recommended level : Up to 26 + Moderate Streak team
    ~Shodai Naruto Demon Bros
    Very unique team indeed. Nice combos and a good defensive team with flawless chakra flow as many of my teams have. Nice combo of Demon 30 Shodai 25 Naruto 45 for a kill. Shodai is great for increasing the enemies chakra use or creating a nice defense for himself and allies. Team is not as effective as it used to be, but still can get you to sannin at least.
    Recommended level : Up to 31 + Moderate Streak team
    ~Zabuza Chiyo (s) Sasuke/Kidomaru
    Epic team disguised with noob chars. Nice defense and combo spike team. Use Zabuza's hidden mist early to hinder oppents. The following turn apply ally puppetry or w/e it's called on zabuza and have him use silent homicide, for 2 turns you will have zabuza deal 50 piercing damage that ignores invulerablity, and also a 50% DR. I like kidomaru because he can use his 50 damage attack to combine with zabuza, but then again i like sasuke for his DR as well, but i perfer Kido. Choice is yours my friends.
    Recommended Level : 21-26 - Bad Streak team
    ~Kazekage Gaara (s) Kisame Body Double (s) Dosu
    Another Ned original coming at ya! You know my teams primaly focus on defense, well this is another good one. Kazekage as you know is one of the best defensive characters in the game. Be sure to prep Dosu early. The main combo is Dosu 40 + Kisame's man eating sharks for a 90 damage combo. They cannot become invulerable either from Dosu's 40. Then the following turn finish the enenmy up with either Dosu's drain or Kisame's water prison move. Just combine attacks with all 3 chars and have fun.
    Recommended level : Any level + Moderate streak team
    ~Nidaime Young Kakashi Chouza (s)
    What is a n-a guide without a cheap ass YK team? Strat is very simple use Nidaime's aoe and have YK copy it. The AoE does a total of 45 damage, and when copied for a combined 90 damage. Then if either char has not been killed or stunned (highly unlikely) finish them off with Chouza's 10 damage. Use his 10 damage move as well to cancel out any DR, and excute his counter smartly, it could mean the differnce from a win or a loss
    Reccommended level : Up to 26 + Good streak team
    ~Sasori (s) Deidara (s) Hidan (s)
    Attacking sasori makes him stronger, attacking deidara cause art is a bang to active and attacking hidan is just plain stupid. Excute attacks based on your oppents moves and just be smart with each turn and you should be succesful.
    Recommended level : Up to 31 + Good streak team
    ~Sasuke (s) Nii (s) Sakura (s)
    Very balanced team with great chakra flow and a nice combo. Sasuke (s) 45 Nii (s) 30 Sakura (s) 25 for a kill. Pretty sweet. You also have Nii's incredible DR and Sakura's heal as well to abuse the shit out of nii's DR ftw. <.<
    Recommended level : Any level - Bad streak team
    ~Kabuto Hidan (s) Chouji
    Yep,finally a non cheap chouji team without beneficial healers. This team actually is very proficent to getting at higher levels. Little chakra clash in this team but it isnt a big deal. Combine attacks with hidan's sythe and kabuto's mystic palm and chouji's palm attack for quick combos. I dont reccommend using more than 1 pill unless the situation calls for it. Just combine attacks and protect your chars with either heal, curse of jashin or meat tank.
    Recommended level : Any level - Bad streak team
    ~Naruto Sasuke Naruto (s)
    As you know none of my teams really don't have any clash, this probally is the one exception. This beleive it or not is a very strong team. When i left jw for a while my new leader got +27 with this team so it's pretty good. This team has great defense as you can probally tell. Each character has it's own. Basically how to use the team is just simply to go after each oppent one at a time and spike.
    Recommended level : Up to 31 + Excellent streak team.
    ~Iruka Chouji Sakura (s)
    Old team but yet still very effctive. Simply have chouji use his pills and heal off the damage with sakura (s) Combine meat tank and his arm expansion on chars effected by iruka's bomb squad for maxium damage, and protect your chars with shield ally and healing for a very nice cheap spike team.
    Recommended level : Any level + Good Streak team
    ~Sasuke Sakon Kin
    Very straight up team. Sasuke 60 plus Sakon's 40 is a kill, have Kin remove DR or invulibility with her needle trap move or w/e. Team has a decent defense with little chakra conflict. A great team for lower level people.
    Recommended level : Up to 21 + Moderate Streak team
    ~Sakon Naruto (s) Kidomaru
    Another good team for beginners at n-a, and also a pretty good team at higher levels to catch people off guard. The main combo is Naruto mass shadow clones 10 plus sakon's 40 plus kidomaru's 50(note : this does not all have to been done on 1 turn to be effective).
    Recommended level : Up to 21 + Moderate Streak team
    ~Iruka Chouza (s) Izumo & Kotetsu (s)
    This is a very lethal team and i highly recommended this team for any level. Many combos in this team Iruka's bombs plus Izomo's 30 attack puts the oppenet at 50, if your oppenent uses a move they take 40 piercing damage then simply use Izumo's 15 damage for no chakra for a kill. It's also recommended to combine chouza's tank with Iruka's bombs as well. Chouza also has that nifty little counter as well.
    Recommended Level : Any level + Good Streak Team
    ~Deva Path Pein (s) Hinata (s) Tayuya
    Not exactly a ned original came across this team in a ladder. It is pretty decent. Each character has there own way of causing chakra loss to the oppenet without having chakra clash. Also have some nice AoE moves in there as well.
    Recommended Level : Any level + Good Streak Team
    ~Naruto (s) Suigetsu (s) Jiraiya
    One of my very few teams that clash. Simply gather chakra at high rates with Suigetsu and Naruto . Also use toad wall for extra damage. The Main goal of the team is use Jirayia's summoning and combine attacks with Sui and Naruto. With each character able to gain chakra it makes for an effective team.
    Recommended Level : Idk rly + Moderate Streak Team
    ~Gaara Gai Zaku
    Probally the last instant kill counter team left. I faced this team in a ladder. Simply counter and wait for gaara's chakra. If getting Ninjutsu seems to be a problem combine attacks with gai and zaku instead and use extreme air cutter. Just play smart with the counters and your hard to beat.
    Recommended Level Up to 26 + Good Streak Team
    ~Rehab Neji (s) Tayuya
    I got some good use out of this team, and got 85% to jounin with it. Always drain with neji (s) if avaliable it comes into handy later. The main attack though is the combination of Rehab's Sand Waterfall and Tayuyas AoE, just do that and drain with both Neji (s) and Tayuya and you'll most likely win.
    Recommended Level : Up to 31 + Good Streak Team
    ~Kiba Kyuubi Shikamaru (s)
    A somewhat used team nowadays. Very balanced chakra wise. The main strategty is using Shika's random move to increase melee damage from both Kiba and Kyuubi and perform combos.
    Recommended Level : Any Level + Excellent Streak Team
    ~Naruto Obito Lee (s)
    Even with Lee (s) nerf there is still much abuse going on <3. Team is great, and just a little clashy. Activate Obito sharingan whenever possible. Lee (s) added 15 plus Obito's 25 comes to 40. Follow it up with rasengan that will deal 60 off of Lee (s) improvement and you have a kill. Lee (s) heal also comes in handy, and should be used whenever possible.
    Recommended Level : Up To Sannin + Good Streak team
    ~Naruto Hidan (s) Orochimaru (s)
    Sorry for the many Naruto teams, he's a very strong char as of now. Activate clones first no matter what. Use Uzumaki barrage or Rasengan (depending on chakra) and combine it with Hidan's sytche. Following turn do which ever move you didn't do of Naruto's and Hidan's sytche again and it equals 100 damage. Nice isn't it?
    All 3 of these chars are good 1v1 as well.

    ~ More to come guys

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    Re: Ned's Declassified N-A Survival Guide

    Post  SilentZen on Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:02 pm

    Um I like the teams.
    I have a few of my own as well

    YK, Kakashi, Yondaime

    Kakashi = 50 + Yondaime = 50 (YK can copy Kakashi's nin-dogs or raikiri as well.) Pretty good and easy to use spike team

    Zabuza, Chiyo (s), Obito (I remember seeing this in game so not technically mine)

    Mainly ignore invul chars. Very Dangerous team to play against. You already got the whole Zabuza + Chiyo tactics earlier on.

    Oro (S), HPP, Kyuubi/Ino/Ino S

    This team is a fairly new team that I was testing out. Hpp can use his mind stealing technique and with Oro s 20 affliction dmg, you can kill someone instantly. HPP now has ignore invul which is really useful. They all have stuns as well. But the stuns also do a decent amount of dmg so it's a good team all around. The last 3 are just there for you to mess around with depending on your taste. (Also Oro (s) can heal back up to 60 hp if he's at 20 hp ;0)

    Frogs, TenTen S, Gaara Rehab

    AOE team. No chakra clash. Frogs can stun mental and ranged skills. Gaara + Tenten have piercing dmg. Gaara has ignore invul, and you could pretty much do whooping 60 dmg in one turn. 75 during the 2nd turn (Frogs 2 turn AOE). With everyone being so low, you pretty much have the advantage and can easily win.

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    Post  abhishekj on Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:18 am

    A new guide is already posted by ned(if you dont know already)
    here is the link:
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Locking this one....

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    Re: Ned's Declassified N-A Survival Guide

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