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    NA Team Building Guide


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    NA Team Building Guide

    Post  flotzy on Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:28 am

    I am going to share with everyone in JW a few tips on making good N-A teams.
    This isnt a guide where I will be telling everyone "What to do", but give everyone the freedom to think, explore and experiment on what they love to do.

    There are 4 reasons why anyone would want to make a new team:
    1) Enter a losing streak with the current team because of nerfs, etc.
    2) A team for missions
    3) A team with a newly released/unlocked/boosted character
    4) Want to get a higher streak

    Firstly, you need to identify the reason a new team is needed, and make the team according to that.

    For example, if you enter a losing streak, try to understand the reason you lost. Analyse the kind of teams you faced, what was the strategy you mostly faced. Then think of an effective way to counter that, while keeping most of the strengths of your team intact.

    Let us consider a team : 1010(S) Sasori(S) Karin(S)
    After a few battles, I realized that even though Karin has the most effective genjutsu counter, the team is mostly stalled if I recieve a majority of chakra as nin or gen.
    By Swapping Karin with Itachi Body Double(S), I get the gen counter; an average nin attack to compliment Sasori's afflict; and also a psychological advantage because of the visiblity of the counter, while reducing the chakra clash with 1010(S) and Sasori(S) (Tai and Blood)
    On the downside the heal is lost and Sasori is more vulnerable to strong single target attacks, which is why IBD can easily scare the opponent with his counter and stall off random attacks.
    Final Team : 1010(s) Sasori(s) IBD(S)

    Building a team for missions is pretty simple. It also proves effective to have different characters for different missions.
    Suppose I need to do 3 missions - Where the Shadows Lie ; The Sounds Amongst the Leaves : and I need to win a battle against Kiba with Naruto to unlock Kyuubi Naruto.
    The team should obviously contain Shikamaru and Naruto.
    Then the last spot is occupied by a member of the Sound Genin. No matter which one is used, the team will still be effective.
    However, if dosu is used, the team will have too many preps, which makes it difficult to deal damage early on.
    Since I would be facing a Kiba, I would prefer Zaku as the character beccause he would be handy in countering his AoE(Area Of Effect) move and that he can be pretty handy in combining his own AOE with Shikamaru late game. He can also 20 + 30 with Naruto cheaply for no cooldown.
    Final Team : Naruto Zaku Shikamaru

    A character got boosted, reworked or you just unlocked a new character, and have an emotional attatchment to use it? Happens quite a lot of times to everyone.
    Firstly identify the type of character he(or she) is. Go around the forums and find out what kind of teams people are using him(or her) in. Lets take Preta for example. He got damage boosted by 5 and the cd removed on the move. He is a drainer and a stalling stunner/stealer.
    If you are an old time N-A player, this should remind you of the old Kabuto(Drain, defensive move, Stun). There are quite a few teams that he was used in that were effective. Like Neji + Preta? Luckily, Neji got boosted and reworked too, and his draining compliments Preta. The last character can be a gen/random user that works well in draining. The first choice would be Tayuya since she is one of the best gen users and works well with Neji(In AoE mode). However, that would make the team full drain which will be frowned upon in tournaments and wars. I would either choose Shikamaru(s) to boost preta for free(Atleast Now); or inoichi to increase costs to supplement the drains.
    Final Team : Neji Preta Path Pein(s) (Tayuya/Shika(S)/Inoichi(s))

    To get a higher streaks(Beyond +15 - +20), 4 things must be checked -
    (i) The team can handle most kinds of strategies the opponents use
    (ii) There is always a Plan B in case of worst chakra scenario
    (iii) Also identification of the most potent threat and flexibility to adapt to the opponents team goes a long way. For Example, when facing a popular full AoE team like Kiba 4Tails Diedara, the most dangerous enemy would be kiba or 4tails. However, I would go for Kiba first, mainly because 4tails damages himself; and I dont want Kiba rupturing any defenses I have. If i have a counter, id keep countering 4tails, or even better would be a protective counter, to get the all round protection.Once Kiba is dead I would prefer to attack 4tails and Deidara simultaneously
    (iv) Finally, switching teams between the streaks does not help as you need continuity and it is important to keep analysing the team during all the battles and even if you win a close battle treat it as a loss and try to figure out why it turned that way. Losing means there is a weakness in the team/in the strategy used.

    To stay a notch ahead of the others, keep an eye out for new characters, Balance updates and reworks on characters. Dont blindly step into a ladder without checking first. The very team you are using might have been nerfed and rendered completely unusable (Like most Lee(s) + Kin teams)
    Try to gain the tactical advantage by having info of the updates and the skills of your opponents.
    The character you are facing might have been reworked totally and it would help if you knew what his skills do now and how to handle him (Like Lee)

    Finally, there is no point in writing this guide if everyone is going to blindly use the few random teams I tested and used as examples here. They were to explain how teams can be built. It is always easy to get good streaks if you understand the team well, which happens mostly when you make the team yourself.

    So Im signing out hoping I have helped people in JW get a bit better and we can help level this clan real quick.
    Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

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    Meta-Team analysis

    Post  flotzy on Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:30 am

    Whats a meta team? A meta team is a team which is an utterly overpowered combination of 3 characters, which can prove very difficult to beat. These teams are seen almost on alternate games, since everybody wants to take advantage/abuse them.

    In this post, Meta teams will be analyzed, with their pros and cons, tips on beating them, and how to use them, if you don't mind going cheap.
    If you know about a meta team before it is posted here, do not hesitate to inform us below!
    We appreciate contributions from everyone!

    Overpowered Characters : Kakashi(Insane), Ao(A bit balanced now), Shee(A bit balanced now),
    Current meta team : (Unknown since last balance update)(Expected to contain Kakashi)

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    Posts : 75
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    Join date : 2011-07-22

    Re: NA Team Building Guide

    Post  flotzy on Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:30 am

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    Re: NA Team Building Guide

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